Hardcore Hardware BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk Review

Hardcore Hardware Tomahawk Review – BFT01-G

Hardcore Hardware may not be a name that you recognize but they have been designing and manufacturing specialized tactical tools for military, law enforcement and fire personnel in Australia for some time. Their designers work directly with field specialists to establish product parameters. Their contribution to the tomahawk arsenal is the BFT01-G Hardcore Hardware Tactical Tomahawk and it’s a beauty.

Hardcore Hardware BFT01

Like the Smith & Wesson E & E, the HH is a solid heavyweight. It’s based on a full-tang D2 tool steel body that comes in at 8mm or close to 3/8 in. It’s has a sleek black Teflon finish from top to bottom and with only a small logo on the head face. The head is something to behold, fronted by a 3.46 in extended beard blade edge with a modified Tanto point on the poll although I doubt that you would ever need to choke up on this for fine work. The Tanto is narrower than many hawk points and designed to sink….deep.

This feature, along with the pry tip at the end of the extra long handle makes this model better suited for extraction and general demolition than any other on the list. The manufacturer claims this will go through a brick wall given enough determination and I believe it.

Hardcore Hardware BFT01 Tactical Tomahawk

Speaking of the handle, it’s contoured and it’s long – 18.46 in giving lots of leverage to use the chisel point tip for prying or piercing and if you need to cut, crash, or collide with something you will have no problem on the end of this long swing. The chisel point has allowance for a lanyard and another cool option available is a paracord wrapped handle using 550 cord that could be removed and utilized in a survival situation.

The Hardcore Hardware Tactical Tomahawk comes with a Kydex molded speed scabbard sheath with a quick release system and is designed with Blade-Tec, TeK-Lok & Molle-Lok attachment systems to mount securely in any left/right hand configuration in standard tactical systems.
It might be a bold move (and a little unfair) to include this tomahawk on this list given its price but it definitely has some unique features that make it special. It’s probably the most suitable for real E & E capabilities, and it’s mounting system is military ready, and the extra long size make it massively capable. It may not be for everyone, but for many the Hardcore Hardware Tactical Tomahawk will be perfect.

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Length: 18.46 in

Weight: 40.56 oz

Handle: Steel

Edge: 3.46 in

Poll: Tanto point

Base: D2 Tool Steel













  • Heavy hitter
  • Paracord handle (option)
  • MOLLE mounts + others
  • Pry tool on pommel


  • Large for extended carry
  • Price
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