Cordless Chainsaw Review – Oregon CS250 40-volt

Oregon PowerNow CS250 40-volt Cordless Chainsaw

Oregon cordless chainsaws have quickly began to rival big names such as Makita for top honors in the heavy duty cordless chainsaw class. The Oregon PowerNow CS250 cordless chainsaw featuring a 4.0 Ah battery and 14” bar, is the flagship model and is a great choice for medium to heavy duty cutting chores.


oregon cr250 cordless chainsaw


Considered the most powerful and versatile of the Oregon series, the CS250 has some very cool features that set it apart from its smaller cousins and gear it nicely for heavy duty cutting. The 14” bar is suited nicely for the power output of this saw and the output is very good for material diameters over 1- inches.

Oregon has a suite of accessories including different battery sizes and quick chargers available, and a wide range of outdoor landscaping tools that are battery compatible if you are not married to another battery config with your existing tools. It also has some nice features that make it unique such as the built in chain sharpening system and a trigger operated chain brake.

As with other cordless chainsaws, maintenance is virtually eliminated, even to the point of chain sharpening which will please most people who are adding a cordless chainsaw to avoid the hassle of gas saws.

The Basics
The CR250 cordless chainsaw comes in a 9.3 pounds empty, which is on the heavier size but appropriate for a saw with this power output and sporting a 14in bar. New on this saw is a very interesting feature called PowerSharp System which allows you to sharpen the chain while on the saw by simply pulling a lever. This is a really helpful feature since keeping a sharp chain is so imperative on cordless saws. Early reviews of this system are good and the sharpening components are replaced with the chain when that time comes, ensuring that the system is always functioning properly.


The 40 volt MAX lithium power is great for most jobs but the Oregon CC250 does a one feature you may love or hate. There is a safety feature that will automatically shut down the motor if it begins to overheat. A smart protective feature, but one that may be bothersome if you tend to lean into the cut. When the saw is allowed to work itself through a heavy log it works fine.
The saw is available in 3 models: 1.25Ah, 2.4Ah, or 4.0Ah battery. This is great if you own other Oregon tools and batteries and have some extras, but really, for a cordless chainsaw with an ambitious 14” bar, you shouldn’t consider using anything less than the 4.0Ah battery unless you will limit its use to light duty.
A few things to consider…The CS250 has an automatic chain tensioner but it isn’t a tool-less design, so when you do need to do make adjustments, you better have a screwdriver around. It’s fairly maintenance free so it’s a small issue, but one to thing about anyway. Another complaint from users is that spillage from the chain bar oil reservoir can gum up the chain break mechanism and cause some malfunctions so care is recommended when topping off the chain bar oil.




We love this saw in the field. It feels lighter than its 12 lbs (with 4.0Ah battery) would suggest and overhead work is easy as well as carrying it up ladders. The automatic chain break is a reassuring feature, it’s easy to get complacent with cordless chainsaws as they can sound and feel less dangerous than a gas saw. We really liked having the chain stationary once off the trigger.
Admittedly, we did force the motor safety stop a few times (yes, we are heavy handed like that) but when not forced, the saw performed excellently over several hours of limb cutting of up to 8 or 9 inch diameters. One thing we will say, the battery time is not the best and we were hot swapping with another battery about every 60 minutes during our heaviest cutting. The batteries also don’t fade, and simply stop when they need recharged, although the LED indicator lights are quite accurate and we were never surprised by a battery change.

The Bottom Line
The Oregon CR250 is a great addition for any homeowner or landscape professional. No it won’t make firewood all day, but that isn’t what it’s designed for. What it will do is handle any medium to heavy yard and property work that you may require and do so in a safe and easy way. The PowerSharp system really sets this saw apart and making frequent sharpening greatly helped performance and ease of use. The Oregon also carries a 3yr manufacturer’s warranty. Outside of the Makita line, we consider this the best cordless chainsaw in its class and one that will be great for most people and most applications.

Bar Length: 14 in.
Batteries Included: 1
Battery Type: 40 volt Li-Ion
Chain Speed: 2350 FPM
Weight: 11 lb (5.0 kg) with
1.25 Ah Battery Pack
12 lb (5.4 kg) with
2.4 Ah or 4.0 Ah
Battery Pack




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  • Powersharp System
  • High FPM motor
  • Motor protection circuit
  • 14


  • Battery run times
  • Weight
  • Long battery charge times
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