Condor German Splitting Axe Review

Condor Tool German Splitting Axe

Founded in 1787 in Solingen, Germany the Condor Tool & Knife Company are legendary sword makers and have a long heritage in creating superior steel products. Some of the companies manufacturing has since been relocated some  to Santa Ana, El Salvadore (including this axe) but Condor has maintained a good reputation with their current products.

It’s a stretch to call this German splitting axe a maul, due to its lightweight cutting head, but its unique features make it anCondor tools splitting maul interesting option and one that might work well for folks that do occasional work on softer wood splitting and could benefit from the reduction in weight.

The head on this Condor German splitting axe is  7 in. overall with a 3.5 inch and is made from   1045 high carbon forged steel with minimal finishing. The head is heat treated and annealed to a 45-50 Rockwell hardness.

 It weighs just 4.5 pounds which seems featherweight in comparison to the other axes in this class and what makes it really unique is the German style design.

On each cheek of the head is a polished and raised flare that transitions from the cutting edge into a narrow ridge for spreading the cut during penetration. This reduced cheek contact area helps drive penetration into the cut and reduces sticking significantly.

Often, axemen take their splitting maul to the grindstone to narrow the profile of their tools in order to increase penetration performance and reduce sticking, The Condor GS splitting axe is a nice compromise between the narrow penetrating profile of a felling axe and the fat wedge of a typical splitting maul.

Condor tools splitting maul sheathTo get the swing started, the Condor uses a 34 inch American Hickory  handle for strength but instead of the usual round or oval profile of a splitting maul handle it instead uses a flatter profile with a compound curve, much like a typical felling axe. Also included is a simple but adequate riveted leather sheath with single-strap closure.

It might not be fair to compare the Condor German style splitting axe with other mauls since it falls somewhere in between a maul and felling axe,  but its performance is admirable at the task and the lightweight quality makes this a breeze to swing all day. The narrow head improves penetration and reduces bounce and for most wood types this is great little German splitting axe. The Condor company is well respected and the price is a very reasonable making this a a serious contender.

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Length: 34 inch

Weight: 4.5 lbs

Handle: American Hickory

Edge: 3.25 in

Poll: Flat

Steel: 1045 high carbon forged 

Check out the Condor in action by the guys from











  • Lightweight
  • German design flared cheeks
  • Dual use
  • Less bouncing


  • Lightweight limits applications
  • Curved handle not the best for splitting
  • Minimal sheath
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