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Ragnarok 12

Ragnarok Tomakawk by Bawidamann Blades

Ragnarok Tomahawk What do you get for the RMJ Tactical fanatic who has everything? Well, if you have good taste and the right budget, you get to deliver one of the most interesting and beautiful tactical tomahawks around, the Bawidamann Blades – RMJ Tactical hybrid known as the Bawidamann Ragnarok tomahawk. What is it you […]

RMJ Tactical Shrike Tomahawk Review

Is the RMJ Tactical Shrike the Best Tomahawk available? RMJ Tactical hails from the great southern city of Chattanooga, TN and they have been at this tomahawk business for decades. In the past they made more historical versions of hawks and reproductions for camping and such, but they have changed with the times and now are […]

Hardcore Hardware BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk Review

Hardcore Hardware Tomahawk Review – BFT01-G Hardcore Hardware may not be a name that you recognize but they have been designing and manufacturing specialized tactical tools for military, law enforcement and fire personnel in Australia for some time. Their designers work directly with field specialists to establish product parameters. Their contribution to the tomahawk arsenal is […]

American Tomahawk VTAC Lagana Review

VTAC Lagana Review – an American Classic Now for the original, the Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk by American Tomahawk Company. Founded in 1966 by Vietnam soldier Peter LaGana, it produced over 4000 of the original design VTAC tomahawks that were used by soldiers in the Southeast Asian theatre. The company closed its doors after the war […]

Gerber Downrange Tactical Tomahawk Review

There is a lot to like about the Downrange Tomahawk and let’s start with the fact that it’s made by Gerber. The Gerber Company has been around since the 1930’s and most red-blooded American boys can count a Gerber as their first pocketknife. I think I still have my first Gerber knife around here somewhere. Gerber gear is made just south of Portland, Oregon (you can see them from I-5) and this tomahawk is truly American made. That should be important you. Not only that but it comes with a lifetime warranty and Gerber has been making equipment for the military for many years so they know a thing or two about tactical gear.

Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe Review

Trench Hawk by Cold Steel The Cold Steel company has been around since 1980 and quickly earned a reputation as a quality knife maker. In addition to knives and tomahawks they make an array of tactical and outlandish weapons, throwing stars? Sword cane? Steel-knuckled tanto trench knife? So naturally they have an offering of the […]

Benchmade Tomahawk Killian Review

Benchmade Tomahawk Review – Killian Benchmade Knife Company is a relative newcomer on the scene but has quickly made a name for themselves as a respected custom knife and blade manufacturer. Another company out of Oregon, they are truly American made and recently put out their first tactical tomahawk. The Benchmade Tomahawk is a dynamic tool […]

Condor Tactical Rescue Tomahawk Review

How Good is the Condor Tomahawk? The Condor Tool & Knife Company was founded in 1787 in Solingen, Germany. They are said to be the world’s largest, and one of the best, sword makers. It’s no secret that Germany knows steel and how to manufacture with it. Let’s face it; they’ve been at this game […]

Columbia River Knife and Tool Kangee Tomahawk Review

CRKT Kangee Tomahawk Review Columbia River Knife and Tool is another Oregon outfit that makes a unique and effective tomahawk. Custom designed by Ryan Johnson who has decades of experience and know-how, the Kangee is a smaller hawk with excellent balance and some features that make it a great combination of cutting tool and self-defense […]

Smith & Wesson Extraction & Evasion Tomahawk Review

S & W Tomahawk Review Smith and Wesson is another big name manufacturer with an indisputable reputation that has thrown their efforts into the tomahawk game. The S & W branding on this hawk is unmistakable if a little overdone. But quality is paramount in a tool such as this and it’s clear immediately on […]