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How to sharpen an axe with a file

  How to Sharpen an Axe When you invest in a high quality axe or hatchet, you want to keep it in the best possible condition. A good axe, when properly taken care of will last a lifetime. In fact, many of us are using axes that belonged to our fathers or grandfathers. Axe sharpening […]

Splitting Maul Guide & Reviews

Which Splitting Maul is Right for You? The Gransfors Bruks Splitting maul and the Condor Tools German Style Spliting Axe are both outstanding axes.¬†These are the big boys. No need for finesse here. The splitting maul uses a 6-8 pound head swinging on a long straight handle to split end-standing cut logs along their grain. […]

felling axe in stump

American Felling Axe Guide

¬†What is an American Felling Axe? The development of the American Felling axe parallels that of the Hudson Bay axe and the designs are similar in the sense that they both evolved away from the European head designs that they originated with. The early European head designs were forged from a single piece of metal […]

An Axe to Grind – Documentary

If you have a little time, you will get a world of information on Axes from the US Forest Service.   These Old Cabin Logs – US Forest Service – Full Documentary    

The Ultimate Axe Guide

The profile, size, and shape of the bit determine what the axe is used for. In general, a narrow profile head with a slowly tapering head is used for cutting and chopping and a wide quickly tapering head is used for splitting.