Benchmade Tomahawk Killian Review

Benchmade Tomahawk Review – Killian

Benchmade Knife Company is a relative newcomer on the scene but has quickly made a name for themselves as a respected custom knife and blade manufacturer. Another company out of Oregon, they are truly American made and recently put out their first tactical tomahawk. The Benchmade Tomahawk is a dynamic tool with a design that places it squarely into the breach and extraction category. Benchmad Killian Tomahawk


The full tang 4140 chromoly steel design is thick, at around 3/8th of an inch and has a traditional shaped head with hardened edges and a 2.5 inch primary cutting edge turning into a  edged beard. With forcible entry and massive damage infliction expected, the front cutting edge has an apple seed mill bevel that is perfect for standing up to brutal use.


The Benchmade tomahawk dos not use the best edge mill for cutting so if that is your main desire you may consider a re-mill and sharpening. The compact poll spike is great for sinking deep into material and the respectable 36.8 oz weight of this hawk will help you get maximum penetration. But I feel that is one of the best features of this hawk and makes it special, the mill bevel provides a much more durable edge for massively heavy striking especially in breaching situations.

The full-tang steel handle is mated with textured G10 scales for a good grip and the pommel end has a pry tool with nail puller. Too often tomahawks leave the pommel end un-tooled and it’s a mistake. Most people will use a tactical tomahawk for breaching, demo, or extraction and it just makes sense to have a useful feature on the pommel and take advantage of the respectable leverage power available. It’s also pre-drilled for a lanyard or cordage. The G10 scales have a nice cross-hatch pattern and provide good grip in both wet and dry conditions. As should be standard these days, it includes a MOLLE compatible Nylon sheath although it’s less than spectacular and is in no way a quick release option.

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Benchmade Killian Tactical Tomahawk

The relatively short size of tactical tomahawk Benchmade makes it easy to pack and the heavy weight and pry tooling make it great for breaching which I feel is the main purpose of this tool. Actually most of us will use hawks for a number of different utility applications so for this list, self-defense is a secondary feature. The price is high on this unit but the quality is apparent. The Benchmade Tomahawk is American made and indestructible – a great utility tool and breach/extraction specialist. Although not as wicked looking as some of its competitors I have no problem whatsoever recommending this tool and it’s one of my personal favorites.

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Length: 16.25 in

Weight: 36.8 oz

Handle: Steel + G10

Edge: 2.5 + beard

Poll: Full thickness narrow spike

Base: 4140 Chromoly Steel













  • Heavyweight power
  • Pry tool on pommel
  • Apple mill bevel for durability
  • American made


  • Short for this weight
  • Sheath is basic
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