Axe Manufacturers & Tomahawk Makers

Axe and Tactical Tomahawk Makers

The following list of tactical tomahawk makers and axe manufacturers represents the builders of those axes and tomahawks reviewed on this site as well as others. Many tactical tomahawk makers are respected axe or knife makers who are capitalizing on the popular trend of tactical tomahawks. Other tomahawk manufacturers do only that, and others still build an array of tactical equipment.

Many of the axe makers on the list are old and respected forges from Europe who have been in the axe making business for many decades. But you will also find newer manufacturers and tool companies that are using new techniques and technologies to improve on age-old axe designs.

Most axe manufacturers and tactical tomahawk makers have history information on their websites as well as additional axe specifications not provided here on Swinging Steel. Learn more by visiting them.

Links for axe hatchet, and tactical tomahawk manufacturers

 If we have left off one of your favorite tactical tomahawk makers, let us know!

Hardcore Hardware

RMJ Tactical

Smith & Wesson

Condor Tool & Knife

American Tomahawk

Council Tool

S.A. Wetterlings

Gransfors Bruks

Benchmade Knife 

Cold Steel Knives

Columbia River Knife & Tool

Estwing Tool



SOG Knives

Bawidamann Blades